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Welcome to the new website of Merton Abbey Primary School.


Merton Abbey has a governing body, as do all other state schools in Merton. Our purpose is to help the school achieve the best for all our children. We do this by working with the head teacher and staff to make sure that teaching is excellent, good resources are available to help children learn and money is well spent. We also read and act upon the many documents sent to school, so that we are confident that Merton Abbey operates legally and gets the support and grants, to which it is entitled. Another of our roles is to appoint the head teacher and assist in other senior appointments.
The full governing body meets once a term and we also have regular committees which focus particularly on school standards, staffing and the budget. Governors are volunteers and are appointed to represent all parts of the school community: parents, teaching and support staff, Merton and community interests. We are expected to attend meetings regularly and are welcomed in to visit school in working hours, so that we have opportunities to talk to staff and children. This helps us to understand how Merton Abbey works and what we can do to make it even better.
We are always pleased to talk to anyone who is interested in joining us as a governor.


As well as having a Full Governing Body meeting each term we also have smaller committee meetings.

These meetings take a more focused look at different areas of school life.



The Teaching, Learning, Curriculum and Achievement committee looks specifically at 'what is happening in the classroom'. Teaching standards, pupil achievement, data, pedagogy and subject leadership are just some of the areas which are covered at these meetings.

Governors who attend these meetings are:

Sandy Cowling (Chair of Governors)

Michael Bradley (Headteacher)

Cypren Edmunds (Community Governor) (Chair)

Tom Shirley(Co opted Governor)

Frances Cresswell (Parent Governor)

Lesley Scott (Staff Governor)

Mamie Barden (Parent Governor)



The Leadership, Management, Behaviour and Safeguarding committee looks at a number of whole school areas. These will include child protection, financial management, the structure of leadership within the school and the behaviour of children both within school and outside school.

Governors who attend these meetings are:

Sandy Cowling (Chair of Governors)

Michael Bradley (Headteacher)

Tom Young (Co opted Governor)

Emily Adams (Staff Governor)

Sanjay Hatwal (Parent Governor)

Janine Bartlett (Parent Governor)

Eloise Kohler (Co opted Governor)


Pay and Personnel

This committee meets twice during the academic year to discuss the salaries of teachers and staff.

Governors who attend these meetings are:

Sandy Cowling (Chair of Governors)

Tom Shirley (Vice Chair)

Michael Bradley (Headteacher)