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Parent Survey 2018

The results of our Parent Survey 2018 are now available.

The reponses to the survey were overwhelmingly positive. All parents agreed that their children feel safe at Merton Abbey - and most parents agreed strongly with this statement. Almost all parents agreed or strongly agreed:

  • That their child makes good progress

  • That their child is well looked after

  • That their child is well taught

  • That the school makes sure that pupils are well behaved


    Of course, there were a few questions where parents expressed more disagreement about how well the school is doing. The issues mentioned most frequently in the written comments concerned:

  • More paid after school clubs

  • More opportunities for feedback about children’s learning

  • A different amount of homework (some parents want more and some parents want less!)

  • More opportunities for parental involvement in children’s learning

  • Improvements to the school playground equipment


    We will address these issues over the coming months and report back on the changes we have made. If you have any comments you would like to share with us in person, please feel free to raise this with one of the senior teachers at any time. The leadership team and governors will be available to discuss the issues raised in our Parent and Carer survey, as well as any other comments or suggestions you would like to share with us, during our International Day Celebrations on 13th July.

Parent and Carer Survey - May 2018