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Welcome to the new website of Merton Abbey Primary School.

A message from the head teacher

Thank you for your interest in Merton Abbey Primary School.


We are a successful local school and we simply want the best for the children we teach.


We want children to love learning: when they are with us and after they have moved on. We want them to enjoy learning in and out of the classroom - so we provide a curriculum that interests, excites and engages children.


Standards are crucially important. We want children to make the best possible progress – to achieve the highest standards in learning – so that they see themselves as successful learners. We want them to be fully equipped for later stages of education and for the rest of their adult life.


High quality relationships and good behaviour are at the centre of everything we do. Children and adults in our school have relationships built on trust and respect. Children are taught to get along very well together. This is why the school has the ‘great community’ atmosphere that visitors speak so highly of.


Our school is expanding. This is an exciting time for us as we look to the future. We are delighted to serve a community that is growing. We look forward to increasing our teaching team and the facilities we offer over the next three years - but we are determined to keep hold of our close relationships between children, staff and parents.


We welcome visitors and would be delighted to meet you at Merton Abbey.


Michael Bradley