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Challenge and extension

We want all children to work at a level where they are challenged appropriately to achieve their full potential. Teachers differentiate the tasks for children in each lesson. This means that lessons are pitched three ways: to the main body of the class; to children who are working at an earlier stage of learning and need some additional support; and with appropriate extension for children who are working at a higher level. Extension tasks do not always involve learning new material – they may be an opportunity to consolidate learning by using and applying it in a different context e.g. using persuasive language to write a tempting advertisement.


Teachers spend significant time helping children to be active participants in their learning through peer and self-assessment. This means that all children are taught to be reflective and think critically about their work. This higher order thinking is an important way of challenging children to work at higher levels in all lessons.


We encourage the pursuit of excellence in sport, dance and even mathematics through entering teams to local competitions. Our dance team was recently selected to contend at the London heat of The Great Big Dance Off.