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At Merton Abbey Primary School, we serve a diverse community.  The majority of our children speak English as an additional language and some of our children have low levels of language on entry.  Consequently, we have to pay careful attention to how we teach children to express their ideas clearly.


We place a high value on teaching children to get along well with each other especially because of the diverse range of backgrounds our children come from.


We believe that high quality relationships underpin high quality learning in school. 


We believe that there are many high quality learning experiences available to us by connecting with our local community (e.g. High Path regeneration, Trellis House, Polka Theatre).  We believe that London is one of the greatest cities in the world and we want to connect children to its cultural riches / opportunities.



Key elements to our pedagogy

  • The importance of first-hand experience and practical activities – in class and in the local area
  • The role of language in promoting learning: opportunities for discussion, negotiation, sharing findings, evaluating, criticising and appraising … links to Bloom’s taxonomy and higher order thinking
  • The importance of creative and expressive arts – links to the Polka and to the cultural life of London
  • Playing an active role in the local community (Trellis House)
  • Authentic experience: working with professionals from outside of the school (e.g. architects and designers from the High Path regeneration project)
  • [Collaborative learning (opportunities to work with a wide range of children on achieving a shared outcome)]


Our Curriculum is changing...

Here is a sample of our new schemes of work for September 2019.