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Pupil Parliament


At Merton Abbey, we have a successful and active Pupil Parliament.  


Aims and Objectives

  • To provide the opportunity for pupils to become partners in their own education and to make a positive contribution to the school environment and ethos.
  • To develop and promote children’s self-confidence, social skills and their responsible behaviour towards each other and towards their teachers and adult members of staff.
  • To develop the pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding of how to contribute to society as a whole and what it means to be an active citizen.
  • To develop pupils effective speaking and listening skills.
  • To develop the pupils’ recognition of themselves as worthwhile individuals with a right to be heard.
  • To allow the children to have a “voice” and to share their opinions and ideas with others.
  • To allow children to become more responsible and actively involved in the decision-making process of the school.


Key information

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