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From Hive to Honey: Y1 Presents an Un-BEE-lievable Assembly on Bees

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The buzzing Bee Poem

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Y1 children are celebrating their English lesson with a French twist

To enhance the knowledge of Wandle class' children about Paris and French culture, the Y1 children came to school dressed in the colours of the French flag. They discussed the story 'The Bee Who Spoke,' listened to French music, and enjoyed delicious croissants, feeling like they were in the heart of Paris. The lesson provided a fun, memorable and engaging way to learn about another culture.

Let's Get Growing: Y1 Children Planted Sunflower Seeds to Kick Off Plant Learning.

Observing, Understanding, and Recording Weather Changes.

Art and Design - Experimenting with media

Inspired by famous abstract artists, including Kandinsky, children drew around and overlapped 2D shapes to create an abstract composition.

Science - What makes amphibians and reptiles special?

The Wandle class children were keen to find out what makes amphibians and reptiles special. They worked together in groups and researched key information, while also recreating the different environments for both groups to lay eggs. To add to their learning experience, the children made frog spawn by using hair gel and chia seeds. The classroom was abuzz with enthusiasm as the children were eager to discover many fascinating facts about these unique animals.

Thank you to Aiza's Mum for a presentation about Ramadan. Eid Mubarak!

Y1 History Trip - Kingston Museum

As part of the Year 1 History curriculum, the Year 1 children went to Kingston Museum to enhance their understanding of transport. We took a double-decker bus and enjoyed the journey. The children had the opportunity to see how the first mode of transport was used in Medieval times (around 1350) and learnt how people used wood to make boats. They also observed that horses and carts were used to move goods. We also saw models of the very first bike, the Penny Farthing, whose frame was made of wooden beams. The interactive map of Kingston from around 1813 was very popular, and the children noticed that there were no cars on the streets. They were also interested in war-planes and their designs, as the later modes of transport took off.

Congratulations to Aayra for winning the individual pedometer challenge!

Aayra showed determination by tracking her steps and staying active throughout the competition. Well done again to Aayra for prioritising physical activity and making it a part of her daily routine.​

The new climbing frame - fun outside.

Wandle class children were the very first class in Merton Abbey to try out the new climbing frame. The children had a lot of fun challenging themselves on ropes, bars, and steps, and it's been a great addition to our playground. 

During British Science Week, the Year 1 children had the opportunity to create their own slime. The slime-making activity was fun and provided a hands-on experience for children to learn about  measurements.

British Science Week the French way! Oh là là! Les sciences en français!

During British Science Week, the Year 1 children watched Thomas Pesquet's demonstrations on how to cut hair and nails in space!

In History, the Year 1 children are learning about transport and how it has changed over time. We learnt that boats were the very first mode of transport, and people have used boats to move goods. We put our DT skills into practice and made some simple boats to enhance our learning about transport.

Exploring the World of Herbivores, Carnivores, and Omnivores in Y1.

Y1 Class assembly - The Penguin Dance

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Year 1 maths calculation policy