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Welcome to the new website of Merton Abbey Primary School.

Our Ethos and Values

The school motto is Working hard and caring for each other. We place great emphasis on teaching children the value of sustained effort and encourage them to approach their learning with resilience and persistence. As well as academic learning, we teach children the importance of social learning: getting along well with others and taking care of one another. This helps us to create a community where everyone feels safe and happy.


Vision Statement

Our vision for Merton Abbey is that all children learn in all classes and have high aspirations for the future. The school community is built on mutual trust and respect where all members value education and endeavour, have high expectations and take part in active lifelong learning. 


Mission Statement

Merton Abbey offers to all children a high standard of academic and social education, enabling and challenging all pupils to reach their full potential.


We provide a safe, secure, stimulating environment in which we encourage all children to value themselves and others; make the right choices and develop into responsible and caring members of society.



  • To deliver an outstanding education both in and outside of the classroom that leads to high academic performance.
  • To demonstrate high expectations and ensure high aspirations.
  • To offer all children access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is child-centred, stimulating and built on practical experiences where possible.
  • To deploy resources to the best effect to improve outcomes for our children. 
  • Enhance skills for a lifetime of learning, particularly in writing, speaking, reading, listening, information and communication technology and mathematics.
  • Provide opportunities to promote the children’s moral and social development.
  • Create a wide range of opportunities to achieve.
  • To work in partnership with our parents and carers and children’s services. 
  • To foster good relationships with the wider community.