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Storytelling Week

Last week all the children, staff and parents thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a variety of activities for Storytelling week, learning to retell new stories, watching theatre shows and role playing. Teachers worked alongside 'The Storyteller of Southfields,' Hannah Need, who also shared her storytelling skills with the children. The stories told by the children included: a spotty fish who ate boats, a purple monster who befriended a scary dragon and an ugly wolf whose arch enemy was the evil pig! Many more exciting characters and stories were created so please ask your child to share them with you!

Following on from this exciting week teachers have noticed how enthusiastic children are for telling stories and more confident with sharing their ideas. Also, this has come through in their written work which has been of a high standard with some wonderful imaginative ideas. Storytelling will continue to be an important part of our school curriculum and we would like to thank Hannah for inspiring us and working alongside us.