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Welcome to Wandle Class news!

Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Welcome to Wandle Class 2023-2024!

Geography - Developing Mapping Skills and Exploring the UK's Location

In this lesson, children learnt about the concept of bird's-eye view and discovered the geographical location of the UK on a map. They applied their new skills by creating bird's-eye view drawings of their classroom.

KS1 Nativity

This week the children in KS1 performed the Nativity Story. The children worked very hard and brought Christmas cheer to all of us. Every single child shone, whether singing, speaking or dancing - it was a fantastic team effort!   

Y1's Festive Christmas Lights Display in the Dining Hall

Y1 has created a beautiful set of Christmas lights and their creative designs are now on display in the dining hall, ready for the festive season.

Magical Moments - Y1's Interactive Delight at the Enchanting Beauty and the Beast Christmas Performance.

Mercury Moments: The Science of Seasons

During the science lesson, Y1 children had fun discovering the wonders of fall. They used thermometers to check that it was chilly at 15 degrees. They made a happy 'leaf man' with leaves and twigs. The playground was wet with colourful leaves. Even though the sky was blue, it felt cold and windy.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice - Year 1's Sweet Journey at Sainsbury's

As part of our Literacy learning (writing a recount), Year 1 went to Sainsbury’s in Collier’s Wood to buy ingredients to make Gingerbread Men. During our visit to Sainsbury's, the children were excited to pick out ingredients for making Gingerbread Men.

Seasonal Changes: Where Science Meets Art

As part of the Y1 autumn-themed science lessons, the children have been learning about the reasons behind these seasonal changes. In Year 1, learning is a dynamic experience that encourages pupils to connect with nature. To further enhance their understanding, the young scientists were tasked with a creative project. Their posters showcase the vibrant colours of autumn leaves, capturing the beauty of the season and the science behind it.

Year 1 maths calculation policy