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Welcome to Trafalgar's Weekly News page!


Here you will find weekly updates from us all about our week in year 6. You will hear about our learning and about any highlights from our week.   



Friday 17th September 2021


This week, we had lots of fun! Let us share with you our journey through the week. 


On Monday, we went to the studio for storytelling with Hannah. Hannah told us a story about an emperor and a dragon - she left it on a cliffhanger by not telling us the ending! We acted out our own ending and we got to share it. After acting it out, she told us the actual ending. Then in the afternoon, we did computing and learnt about webs and how to be specific when searching the internet.   


On Tuesday, we got introduced to a new text in English! It is called Beowulf and it is a myth. We have really enjoyed reading it so far, especially when Beowulf tore Grendel's arm off! Ouch!


On Wednesday, we started the day off with P.E. We had a tennis lesson and took part in different challenges, which was really fun. At 1:30pm, some children went to the studio and were asked about how they felt during lockdown. 


On Thursday we read more of our story, Beowulf. Then after lunch we went straight to our Artis lesson with Fizz. In Artis, we played the name game so that Fizz could remember everyone's names after the summer break.


On Friday, which is today, we finished the story of Beowulf and Grendel, the Monster of the Night. It was very interesting! In assembly, Mr Knox told us about student council and how the process will work. This afternoon, we played dodgeball which is a class favourite!


So that was just some of our week in year 6! We hope you enjoyed reading about it. 


Eliana and Aroush.