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Our Ethos and Values

Merton Abbey Primary School

Working hard and caring for each other

At Merton Abbey, we want every child to love learning and flourish in their personal development. We also want our children to learn the value of helping others to succeed and achieve.





We demonstrate honesty and integrity in our relationships with others. We act as positive role models in all aspects of our life and relationships. We value everyone’s contribution – their unique opinion. We equip every child with the courage to contribute.



We are responsible in our actions to others; in our social skills; in how we use technology and respond  to the world around us.



We are determined to inculcate a joy in learning – not merely enjoyment – for the children and the adults who come to our school. We want our children to acquire a life-long love of learning. We are aspirational about each child’s achievements – whatever their starting point. Our children approach learning with a sense of curiosity and fun. They know that the world is their classroom.



We are a school for our local community and all local families. We welcome everyone to be a part / have a strong sense of belonging within the community of our school. We are not selective – intentionally or unintentionally.



We set great store by the importance of teaching children the importance of mistakes, failure and bouncing back after problems. Resilience is the attribute that will help us meet the challenges that life inevitably brings.




What does a Merton Abbey pupil look like?

As children leave Merton Abbey Primary School, they are well on their way to becoming socially responsible adults who are thriving physically and mentally. Our children are well prepared for secondary school, equipped with high achievement and high aspirations. They are flourishing as individuals; they fully understand the value of helping others to flourish too. Our pupils are already able to deal with life’s challenges with resilience and a well-developed ability to bounce back from setbacks.