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Cooking and Learning

Cooking can be a great learning experience whether we are finding out about another culture or using our mathematical skills. There has been a lot of cooking at Merton Abbey this week.


Nelson class  [Y3] discovered the delights of Ancient Egyptian cuisine!  They began by measuring out and mixing ingredients for Basbousa, a cake which is still popular in Egypt and the surrounding area today.  The key ingredients included semolina, coconut and lemon sugar syrup, leading to a lot of sticky fingers but happy faces!  They then taste tested various products which the Ancient Egyptians would have enjoyed, such as water melon, dried apricots and dates, sesame seeds and flatbread. 


Wandle and Priory Class [Y1] have enjoyed getting into their new book, The Gingerbread Man, kicking off with some baking and decorating of Gingerbread men. They have been writing ingredients lists, instructions using imperative verbs and describing the Gingerbread Man- and over the coming weeks the children will be using puppets, role play, songs and picture-sequencing to develop their understanding of plot, character and settings within traditional tales.