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Congratulations to the Merton Abbey Boccia team: Jay, Emmy, Attaunoor, Christopher and Tatyana who came third (in the group of 9) at the Merton Boccia tournament on 10th March 2017. The team played with tremendous spirit and teamwork and had many resounding victories against other schools. Mr Knox and the children had a wonderful day and were lucky enough to be presented their medals by the current Mayor of Merton, Councillor Brenda Fraser. Many thanks to Mr Wilson for helping to prepare the team for success!

On 8th March we took part in a tag rugby cluster tournament. The children played really well and were able to put their skills into action as they played a number of different games. Some games were won and some were lost but throughout it all the children felt that they had played their best! Well done Year 4 for being really good sports personalities!